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Thursday, September 22, 2011

how do we begin to model?

Think about each unit of life from the cell onward as an energy-maintenance-based desire-formation system (desires are situationally based action sets based on abilities). This means there are MANY “conscious” units, in that they have some general form of energy-utilizing/understanding desire, that likely make up what we think of as animals. In a way, we've been talking about this since Darwin, but not directly. We've always talked about our basic desire/instinct as reproduction (meiosis +differentiation), but seriously, that is the most mystical shit out there. Up there with how we try to “heal” cancer, and god. The notion that we are the hormone-crazed puppets of some unknown force, compelling us to fuck, which makes us miserable when we're not fucking who we think we should be fucking or not fucking fucking anyone at all; probably makes most a little uncomfortable, but that's essentially what science leaves our life-drive to. this is a lot of power we attribute to some unknown biological force, our motivation system.

When I say that the basic unit of life is that which contains desire, an energy-maintenance desire-formation system, I mean that it's NOT all about sex and that sex and reproduction is a by-product, merely a way of trying to understand the nature of our own energy in a way that doesn't kill us and can potentially aid us in numerous ways (and is a HIGHLY electrically active event, oddly enough, mentally and physically). I ask you, though-- As an animal father, a mere sperm donor among many possible sperm donors, what is to keep you from obtaining energy from little fleshy things that come out of your current female interest's abdomen (random tidbit-- daddy longleg rape battles are insane) in the most direct way-- by eating them? the answer is-- ynothing! it is completely logical to try to form strong desires around eating your children. take that metaphor as far as you want. haha... This is why ethical systems of old, our major religions, regardless of how much hate they have caused, were very useful in maintaining a working society long ago. It is logical to want to rape your daughter in order to get a better understanding of your own pleasure chamicals, which are kept in these crazy fucking puzzles (unrealistic/impossible desire-based hormone-puzzles cause depression/suicide), by this subconscious system that wants to reproduce so it can DOMINATE and understand the energy of this other elecrically-active creature, it has created; to which no one else has direct access (pretty fucked up). Ethics helps us realize that this person, unless you are planning to kill him or her after you do your deeds, must grow up and must understand their personal energy (the sexual aspects of it) for themselves, without the help of a parent. The continued functionability of this child becomes more of a priority than getting your rocks off, and this leads to something similar to what we have now, which is a system in which two parents (if possible) raise a small number of progeny, and protect them while these progeny figure out “love” for themselves, in safe, guarded environments. This is why I don't hate religions. I usually welcome conversations with very devout people, if they are simply willing to listen to my reasoning. This last part generally covers the problem of evil, a major topic of religion, and largely why it exists-- it is often very logical to do some very wrong things. This is why some female spiders have to do that dirty job of protecting their babies. with the introduction of aggression hormones to promote those crazy protective mom instincts we all know and love, from the male, along with half of his genetic code, she kills him. she ultimately gets to understand this set of energy. She wins this battle (mothers rarely, but sometimes eat their babies, in mice). based on environment and social structure, maintaining babies, teaching them your energy-getting ways, and reaping non-sexual benefits becomes more and more logical from an energy-logic perspective.

So we have arrived at love. First of all, Love is extremely fucking jealous and aggressive and parasitic in its pure, unethiciszed form. It, like all of our behaviors, as the hormonal basis for many of our bahaviors (though really all about dominance (and the rage associated with not having it/obtaining it)), is pure energy logic. It takes on a rather random form, given all the limits we put on understanding our own energy (getting our dicks wet, so to speak), but in its pure form, it is a rapist cannibal gravedancer.


  1. get ready for the java-based ATLAS-hambot model of animal motivation, loves.

  2. feeling controlled by your controlled substances?