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Saturday, September 24, 2011

this girl (the last time I felt any remnant of good, clean love)

I have discovered that it is not that difficult to replace the motivation (strong electrical up signal) that comes from dominance desires at the base of love with pure rage. they are very close relatives, hormonally speaking.

theArsonist 11:18 pm (last night)

 Anisha 10:26 am
    [Offline IM sent 11m ago] old news!

 theArsonist 10:38 am
    well that's a good conversation starter, smarty pants

 theArsonist 10:40 am
    why people are so resistant to think baffles me
    oh wait, no it doesn't :)

 Anisha 10:43 am
    are you calling me hardheaded

 theArsonist 10:43 am

 Anisha 10:43 am

 theArsonist 10:43 am
    it's a natural and logical tendency
    I am too

 Anisha 10:43 am
    no i dont believe in anything

 theArsonist 10:44 am
    what does that mean?
    you and I are not real?

 theArsonist 10:45 am
    if you are a fish, then I, too, am a fish.

 Anisha 10:46 am

 theArsonist 10:46 am
    fishy fishy
    and if you're a bird, then I'm a bird.

 Anisha 10:47 am
    i haveto go

 theArsonist 10:47 am
    will I talk to you again?

 Anisha 10:48 am
    if you behave

 theArsonist 10:48 am
    I am behaving so well, you have no idea.

 Anisha 10:48 am
    never behave

 theArsonist 10:49 am
    in a sense
    but with you personally
    I am behaving unreasonably well
    and I will continue to do so

 Anisha 10:49 am

 theArsonist 10:49 am
    because I care about you

 Anisha 10:49 am
    ok ill talk to you laters

 theArsonist 10:50 am
    ok I hope so


  1. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou